Gina Bruno

Gina has been teaching and performing middle-eastern dance since the age of three, and is a second generation belly dancer. Her technique both combines fusion and classical styles, and she has performed on national and international stages throughout her career. Gina is currently Level 5 in the Suhaila Salimpour Certification Program.

Trained from an early age in jazz, ballet, flamenco, and Persian dance she integrates her extensive training with her traditional Arabic dance background. She began her studies with Suhaila Salimpour in 1994, and was one of the first and youngest members of the Suhaila Dance Company. Gina has performed in venues with some of the most renowned singers in the Middle East — working with artists such as Alabina, Amr Diab and Hakim.

Gina is currently based in the Bay Area, and recently relocated from Los Angeles where she was featured as special guest dancer and choreographer on music videos, TV shows, and a featured performer at high-profile corporate events and nightclubs. She has performed for royalty and dignitaries including former Prime Ministers of India and Lebanon.


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